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Species ID??

Dec 15, 2006
Just got my first octopus 3 days ago. Its in a 15g aquarium with around 12-15kg of live rock. Got the octopus direct from TMC (UK) however all their octopus' are labelled under octopus sp. When i asked they just told me that they are Octopus vulgaris and only grow to have a mantle of about 2". Obviously this is not true. I believe it to be a dwarf species but not sure what species (possibly O. bocki). It is normally dark red/brown with no particular paturning. It did change to a pale gray, pulsing brown during aclimatising. Happily takes chopped cockle from my hands although seems to be extremely nocturnal (only appearing in pitch darkness, except for red LED lighting).

Any suggestions as to exactly what species this could be (and ways to ID it)

See pic

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