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Species from the Caribbean

For all species of cephs, I'd recommend going to cephbase.com and on the left side of the screen click biogeography. I just found this link yesterday and am very impressed. you can search in the second drop down menu for Caribbean sea.
http://www.cephbase.com/biogeo/spatialsrch.cfm For short!
Though it doesn't say anything about those that are common, and I wouldn't know either so I can't help you there. It gives you a place to start with though.
Thank you... I've been on Cephbase.You just have to look them all individually...Just hoping that someone would have a list or something that had names of species and where they are located. I've tried to research this but no luck.
Thank you for your help.
O.vulgaris, O. hummelincki, O. defilippi, O.burryi, O.macropus, O. briareus, O. joubini, O.maya, O.zonatus, Euaxoctopus pillsburyae

I got this list from:
Hanlon, R.T. 1988. Behavioral and body patterning characters useful in taxonomy and field identifications of cephalopods. Malacologia 29(1): 247-264

If you have a university library nearby, it's worth having a look.

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