Some Pix of The Agent

What a fine little bimac! He has those wonderful bimac eyes. Thanks for posting these pics.

How big is The Agent now? Does that feeding tube have a fairly large diameter?

WOW!!! :shock: Very Impressive postings :mrgreen: !!! Great pictures!!! I'd be curious as to his size now too!!!

Told Jess......Here's....the AGENT!!!!! I love baby bimacs!!! They are always watching!! Would love to know what they think of us!!!

Cute little guy :biggrin2: I cant wait to hear all about your adventures with him 8) Is he eating well for you? Bimac's are such cool octos to have. Looking forward to more PICS :P
BOE, great posts yet once again. Love the action shots!

Can the Agent crawl up that tube, or does it have water coming through. Bet he likes it either way, but with all the stuff I keep reading about them playing with currents, a water fight may be a fun game on their level - just wondering. :biggrin2:

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