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some nice literature on octos


Jan 19, 2004
yesterday I was at a german reptile and amphibian fair. when I was browsing through some books, I found several copies of a german magazine called Koralle.

My attention was drawn by a particular copy with a nautilus on the cover. encouraged by this, I continued looking and found an edition with a 25 page article on octos. beautiful pics, general history and biology, but of course also a long part on captive care and even some breeding data. in the same article info and pics on the mimic and potentially dangerous cephs such as the bluering. Info on ceph capture and transport, potential problems,...

It took me some time to read it, since it's all in german (not my favourite language) but it's a very nice article. the author is Alf Jacob Nilsen, the captive care part was written by Daniel Knop

I also bought the Koralle edition with the nautilus pic, which contains a similar article, but of course on nautilus. So far however, I haven't had the courage to start reading and translating.
very interesting... i have a book called 'Krallenfrosche Zwergkrallenfrosche wabenkroten, pipidae in natur und menschenhand'

Its the only half decent ID book for members of the amphibian group called Pipidae which includes Xenopus amongst others... unfortunely its in german but the pics are nice... have also used Babblefish for translating wee bits of text.
if only it was in english - the lack of material on cephs which isnt scientific journal is astonishing considering how cool they are - although they are starting to appear on tv more often ... about time!!! (hows the sig now collin?)
if only it was in english - the lack of material on cephs which isnt scientific journal is astonishing considering how cool they are

I couldn't agree more!

if I ever have the time and courage, I'll translate it for you guys! from german to dutch and then to english. my god! I just read what I wrote and I don't think I'll ever have the courage!!!!!

:hmm: :oops:
The reefkeeping/aquarist magazine Koralle formerly available in German in Europe is in fact now available in the USA, English edition, as (what else) Coral. It is sold over the counter and by subscription at several of the reefkeeping LFS in my area (of southeast Michigan). Yes, the last issue was devoted to Octopus matters. The magazine has proven to be of exceptionally high quality with excellent articles and columns. Very highly recommended, especially to reefers out there in cyberspace....
wow that sounds good - it is nice to have something to read about the hobby reguardless of whether it relates to what i own or am looking at owning or not! keeps u up to date and interested!!! (and poor!!! lol)

i wonder if i can get subscriptions sent to australia???

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