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Small tank octopus?


Sepia elegans
Sep 1, 2004
I know there's joubini and mercatoris, but is there any other type octo that can go in a 30g tank? (besides the blue-ring please. :lol: )

bocki and aculeatus are two but i have never seen young ones for sale.....
O. digeuti is sometimes offered for sale...we're lucky enough to be able to collect them locally, but they have really, really short life spans...but they do well in a 20 gallon tank, so a 30 would be fine.
most bimacs would outgrow a 30 in my opinion... i think they deserve more space :smile:
briareus - 12cm mantle and 60cm arms. similar to a bimaculoides

bimaculatus is bigger than ...loides at 20cm mantle and 80cm arms

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