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small eggs

Apr 17, 2005
I know that this has been talked about before but I have a question about small eggs. I have heard from just about everyone that it is all but impossible to raise but haven't other planktonic organisms been successfully raised? I know you'd need a kreisel, but would it still be almost impossible?
Also I have heard some people have tried, has anyone been successful?

Thanks for any help,


Dec 22, 2004
Jim Louis is trying this as we speak, see his thread. There are two reasons I can think of that it hasn't really been done for small-egg octopuses. The first is the fact that there are plenty of big-egg species available: why rub two sticks together if you have a Zippo? Second, market. There's a lot more people who want captive bred seahorses than octopuses. Notice that no one's even breeding the big-egg octopuses for the hobby! Right now I would guess 95% of the octopus market supplies undetermined species in poor-health to impulse-buyers.

None of the octopus breeding projects are sustained. Typically they're begun by accident when someone's pet lays eggs--Jimbo's experiences and Debby's briareus come to mind.


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