Small Black and Yellow cephalopods off the US East coast?


Dec 2, 2002
Hi Gang,

We have hatchling S. bandensis, and been sourcing Paleo feeders through NE Brine Shrimp. By the time these cuttles are grown, I think I will ahve put these folks' kids through college. Anyway, while chatting with the sales manager at NorthEast Brine Shrimp, I mentioned there are no cuttlefish native to the Americas. He disagreed and claimed to have caught some "black and yellow cuttlefish" off the coast of South Carolina when he was a kid. He described them as no larger than a business card, and about as wide as they are long. He also described their eyes as distinctly not squidlike, which certainly sounds cuttle-y.

Any idea what he may have encountered? It sounds like a type of sepiolid to me, but I dont know of any that are black and yellow.

I'm hoping he'll dig up a photo soon.

Cheers, Jim
Hey Jim! Immediately thought of the flamboyant cuttlefish, but not off US East Coast!

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Heeey Tony!
Boy, no kidding! But Somehow, I just don’t think that’s it.
This guy isnt a ceph expert, but he’s a marine bio, and he’s actually a big fan cuttles, especially Michelle pfefferi (which is how I visualize flambo’s name whenever I see it. ).
His report seems credible, not like the Caribbean divers I used to give lectures to, who insisted Caribbean reef squid were cuttlefish because of the continuous fin.

I just can’t think of another ceph that wears a paint job like a bumblebee. Especially off the east coast!
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