[Cuttlefish]: Long Overdue Update about 7th Grade Science Project


Pygmy Octopus
Feb 14, 2012
We posted an Intro Hello many moons ago about our daughter's 7th grade cuttle fish research project. We are happy to say all is going well! Unfortunately only one very incredible cuttle fish made it through the first round, but eggs are on the way. Thought the community would enjoy this video of our upset cuttlefish inking:

and this great image of him mimicking the filter to catch shrimp. Sorry for the awful picture, he is on the left, turned himself black and shaped himself in the exact shape of the filter. Absolutely amazing!!

Some things we have learned:
Expect the unexpected! Taking care of cuttle fish is a commitment. Get rid of anemones right away but take the entire coral piece out let it dry and break the piece off. One little piece of anemone makes many anemones. Check water daily. Have lots of extra water ready. Keep a feeder tank. Myces, no brine! Don't let your young child wash the tank with windex - inside it!! Oops.

Also, if you happen to visit Living Seas don't miss their cuttle fish! They have many kinds and they were nice enough to give us a wonderful tour!

Thanks and will keep you posted on the new eggs!

Justine and Kallie


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Sep 4, 2006
Great update!

Don't let your young child wash the tank with windex - inside it

Don't wash the tank with an ammonia product OUTSIDE either (including the ammonia wipes). If you can avoid it, don't use an an aresol in the room, especially ammonia. Sprays work well because they spread the product but avoid using them around fish tanks for this reason. Water only on the outside of the tank. I have found that squeegies work well to avoid water spots.


Colossal Squid
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Jul 9, 2009
I use Windex made with Vinegar and not ammonia, been using it for years and it works great...also i dont directly spray the tank with it, i spray it into a rag and then wipe the tank, then wipe it dry with a 'microfiber cloth'