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Skin deteriorating from octopus mantle?


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
There are more than one at Mote? We will be spending Tuesday night in Tampa and flying out of Sarasota on Wednesday evening so we thought we would spend Wednesday at Mote to see what was there since we won't have time on Sunday. All recommendations would be appreciated!
Oct 13, 2005
That's what I was debating...(i've called it a she ever since I got her, so bear with me) I can't really tell if she's suffering. She'll kinda swim around the tank, crawl up the side of the glass, stop, and sort of spaz out. She'll just start almost...scratching? Like she rubs her tentacles all over, and breathes hard. It's not the usual octo "cleaning" itself. It's much more twitchy. I'd get a picture, but this is a new comp, and doesn't have the digi cam software. The white spot extends from the back of her mantle, down between her eyes, and a little further. It's just over and inch and a half I suppose. I think she's losing her sight too...I know it sounds odd, but she can't attack live fiddlers anymore unless I spear them and wave them in front of her. Well...she can, but it takes her several tries before she gets it right. I don't think i'll prolong this...:frown:

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