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Skimmer question


Apr 18, 2004
ok the skimmer has stopped working - i add iodine strontium calcium for my reef but i have always done so - all parts are clean - i always have my hands in the tank...bad i know but hey whats the use if you cant enjoy it - this too was happening when the skimmer was working

it is a jebo - dont have a model not having bought it but it is maybe 40cm tall dark plastic basic model i think... i have just noticed that there is a lack of air bubbles i traced it back and realised that instead of the air tube injecting oxygen it is sucking water partway up its length i have cleaned the tube - and i blow through it to clear salt regularly anyway - and blown air in to push the water out but i comes back straight away... im guessing that this is the reason for the malfunction - duh (lol) no air = no bubbles but i hope there is a simple solution cos screwing around with it sure hasnt helped./..lol.

please any suggestions are much needed!!!
I am not a skimmer expert so can't help you with this problem - some of our ceph care contributors could probably help you - I hope they'll check in by tomorrow at the latest.

I was guilty of putting my hands in the tank A LOT because that's how I played with my bimac (at least a half hour per day). It never caused any skimmer problems.

Hope you get this resolved soon.

yeah i am getting worried as the skimmer hasnt been working well for a few weeks!!! though i didnt realise it was cos it was screwed up - i had just done a water change and taken back most of the fish so i wasnt sure how much skimmate to expect but none in two weeks i got a bit worried - lol

the levels are still fine but id like to get it fixed up asap thanks for the post anyway
Looking at the models available, it appears that the only reason you would have a lack of venturi would be some sort of "slowing down" of your pump...is it putting out completely? It has to be some sort of a water-flow issue...
I would replace the pump asap

This crap happened to me in my reef tank and god what a nightmare!!!!!!!!

I was just getting less skim for a long time and then eventually just nothing... and I knew it wasn't because the tank was clean!! Finally after 2 weeks or so I bought a skimmer from my coworker, hooked that up and it didn't work. Ends up the pump on THAT thing was screwed up too! So I pulled a powerhead from my Collection and put it on there, and man did that thing SKIM. 3 weeks if not 6 since skimming had been going on, and the amount of stuff I have pulled out is insane.

My suggestion is to go and buy a pump even if it is $30 or $50 or whatever, because the problems you will incur otherwise may be catastrophic. Not to scare you, but to MOTIVATE you!!! :smile:

It doesn't set in until stuff starts dying off that 'hey, just because I have a skimmer sitting in my sump/tank doesn't mean anything if it isn't working' Hopefully you aren't as dumb as I am :smile:

Good luck! Also keep in mind that getting a new impeller may fix the problem. It totally depends on your pump/specific problem.. if the pump is exposed to sand and the like though, it may be the impeller. I think a good test is to open the pump and pull out the impeller -- if its hot, maybe replacing it will help (that indicates friction is happening/slowing things down). Otherwise maybe the pump is just done for


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