Site Problem... (fixed)


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May 30, 2000
So in trying to fix a problem with a video attachment on the homepage, I managed to do something bad to the database... The rest of the site seems fine, but I had to replace our homepage with a static file. Let's see where this goes!
Phew! Fixed that. 1 part minor glitch 6 parts human error (me) and you wipe away your homepage for a spell. The Biddle Video thread is a casualty of this!

Problem started when the link to the Biddle Video wasn't parsing correctly from the homepage. Tried to fix it by editing a file I have here locally, but it turns out I was having some versioning issues, and I edited and uploaded an out-of-date file. Didn't realize that for a while and at one point deleted the Biddle Video thread.

Sorry to people who dealt with the downtime, but we're back online now!

Going to go do something else for a while... :goofysca:
Also... at some point today I plan to implement a planned upgrade to the site, so it will be down for a short time. This has nothing to do with the problem from this morning... just planned maintenance.

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