Silly and lovin' it, newbie artist


Blue Ring
Jan 25, 2005
Port Charlotte, FL
Hey all, I'm very glad to have been invited here. What a cool websight this is, so much fun, so much info., fantastic photos and artwork. I'm an at home artist, single mom, with 3 wonderful kids. I have had the honor of being greeted by TaningiaDanae and cthulhu77 and was shown this fabulous websight. I haven't much knowledge of cephs...but my love for them runs deep....have had an ongoing fascination since my toddler days. Most of what i read about them is behaivoral patterns, and what an icredible subject to paint....funny how I just started painting them considering my adoration of them. I live along the Gulf in Southern Florida, so I frequently walk the beaches looking for fossils, bones, shark teeth...and finding many wild and interesting critters along the way. It never ceases to amaze me, but everytime I go there...something incredible happens. Well at least incredible to me....I'm a simple mind and everything has a unique beauty. I found a plank of old wood with weird looking critters...did some research and found they were goose neck barnacles??...these were bright orange, yellow and black on white. Found a jawbone with teeth of some forgotten ancient creature, plant eating land mammal is all I can tell, found a huge dead sea turtle was over 4 feet, and swam with one once. My daughter found a large seahorse, and we all tried to save the sea cucumbers...tons washed ashore after a storm, my kids and I collected as many as we could and put them back in the water, I don't know if that was a good thing or that time i only thought, save the cucumbers!! Another live meeting was when two spotted eagle rays swam close up, right at the shore line...was totally cool. I got into the water with them and they ignored me, just slowly going up the coastline looking for something to nibble on I guess. One flapped me with his wing and trailed off...his super long tail passing over my leg. ....was a wild sensation, that tail was soooo long!! They were very peaceful and beautiful. And I had a large brightly colored parrot land on my head. Someones lost bird decided it was a great place to land and rest.
I've never seen a live Octo or any ceph yet...only pictures and by TV. I've been sketching my reditions of some squid and cuttles...gotta love them!! Can't help it!!
I'm a monster freak, I don't get to watch TV cause all my evening time is either spent reading the latest horror thriller or on the computer doing research, I'm a research's mostly reading though. Once in awhile I'll rent a horror movie...used to be all the time. My all time favorite deep sea monster is the giant squid. I was always enthralled by such a creature....absolutely amazing!! And my all time favorite regular is an can anyone not appreciate their beauty and mannerisims is beyond me. I recently looked into cuttles the past few years...they quickly made a straight arrow to my heart. Squid?? Those are critters that only professionals should mess track minds, eat, sex, rage...all surviving and ultimately the best thrill. If I have to wait any longer for the next giant squid thriller novel to be wrote I'll burst, might as well write my own. And I'll illustrate it too!! Thanks again, this is such a wonder being here on this websight with so many ceph lovers.
darquerift....Pauline Strike
:welcome: !!!
Hey, we are happy to have another cephophile here...and don't forget our illustrational swap...I am sketching 2 jawed fangiwhales as we speak !!!

This is Squidman, your standard-issue misunderstood teen. Since you like giant squid, take a look at some of my first posts. Steve O'Shea gave me all the info I needed. You will find everything you need on this site.

I have noticed that many TONMOers enjoy art, including me. Is it just me, or do we all share some genetic traits?

Oh, and welcome. Please add to the "Rambling Cephalopod" thread.

May a Starbucks find its way to you,

Postscript: How old are your kids? It seems my only peer around here is Chrono...
And a big :welcome: from me too; I think you'll fit in mighty fine.

I'm a little worried about Greg (aka chtulhu77) though - he's losing the plot - what on Earth is a 2-jawed fangiwhale? I can't wait to see the pic!
Hi Pauline,

And a big :welcome: from me too. Welcome to the best site on the web! (No bias here, of course). :octopus: :squid: :cuttle:

Have fun,


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