Shout out from Maui!


Apr 17, 2004
good evening! been lurking for awhile, just picked up my first salt water setup. 50 galloner. trying to decide what to use it for.

I live on the beach here in maui, and have access to well...the ocean. So, if you we're in my position, what would you do?

I'm 22 and an underwater videographer. In fact, here's a photo i took last week! not technically underwater, but pretty cool nonetheless.

live hard
No one on that boat had a harpoon? Jeez!
Cool, it'll be neat to see more pics from you for us landlocked lubbers...envious about living near the ocean!
Welcome to Tonmo!

thanks for the warm welcome. anyway, just to make ya jealous, swam with some dolphins today. here's another similar humpback photo.

What are everyone's thoughts about collecting things from the ocean? be it purple collector urchins/octos/fish/eels?

and as a side note, if collecting isn't taboo, would anyone like anything? seeing as i work in the water :wink:

live hard

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