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Nov 9, 2003
I am trying to get my octopus scuplture on display at a public aquarium, preferably one with GPOs on display since that's what he is. I am not interested in galleries at all, but I am willing to loan my piece to an aquarium for a time. If you know of anyone, I would appreciate some contact info.

I did have some passing interest from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but it seems that there are currents there too swift for me to swim in. I am only half interested in selling Big Red, but if the right person/place with the right offer came along it might swing my decision.

I posted a few pics here, but there are a couple others scattered around this site.

Thanks for looking at my buddy. I don't have a pet octo, not for lack of wanting one, but I want to show him off like one. He may not move, but he won't croak in a filter or climb out of the tank.
:notworth: :notworth: :notworth:

That's awesome work, and the pics of you working on it are great. I'm sure we can drum up some good contact info here... Melissa comes to mind as a good source for contacts...

You sure you're not high in that first pic? :mrgreen:
Thanks Tony. i'm gonna sign up as a supporter as soon as I can budget it in. Right now I've got to pay off some of the debt this thing generated, which is more than I have ever had in my life.
Pipsquek, would you like me to pass on to you the names of people and their numbers at aquariums on the eastern seabord? I've accumulated a surprising number of contacts while (so far with little success) trying to arrange a venue for TONMOcon. The four aquariums range in size and status, so one might fit.

Another suggestion is Scripps in La Jolla, CA. I haven't made any effort to contact them, but when I was last there, a few years ago, there was a large outdoor area before the entry. I don't know if you'd prefer an indoor space for Big Red, but southern California has reliably good weather.

That would be awesome Melissa! I have portfolios with pictures, descriptions, and bio to send out to places, but I want to make sure they get into the right hands.

Someone else mentioned Scripps to me, but I am not really familiar with it. Big Red could go outside, but the problem with that is that he is not attached to the rock, just balanced on it. So I would be wary of someone walking off with him or knocking it off.
If you wanted to send it out across the pond there are plenty of places in the UK and Continental Europe which would love to show the piece.

Great job and fantastic work!

You'll have to be a bit more specific!! :wink: I haven't really thought about Europe to much, but I do want to send info to Japan. There are a couple of really cool aquariums there. Thanks for the compliments. I'm really gland so many people here like.

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