Short Video -- Got my new Octopus from

Jul 9, 2003
Got my new Octpus from

This is him in the bag floating with the clams that also came.

Delivery was fast and service was great.

He (or she) is about the size of an average human thumb.

I've been lurking here for months. Tank cycled for a few months with damsel and hermit crabs (took damsel out based on advice from Octopets to ensure he leaves my baby octopus alone).

Octopus has eaten at least 1 clam and 1 hermit crab.

Whole family is excited.
Yup, clams were in the same bag. It was no big deal. He didn't eat any that I saw. This octopus is a Tank raised bimac.

It worked out great. They shipped him at 6pm and he arrived at my door at 10:30am so just over 16.5 hours in transit. Not a bad deal at all. Even though fish supply gets raves here (and I do give them props--I've bought from them quite often) I totally had a great experience from
Congrats!!! He's sooo cute!!! Nothing like a new baby in the house!!!

Have you named him yet? My daughtor Jess is 6 1/2 and kid's at school think she's making up stories when she talks about Ink and Lil Pumpkin!!!

And welcome!!

Yeah, cool octo! Octopets is getting a great name in the industry...nice to see a place care so much...
Congrats, and send in more pics!

sorry, im still amazed that the clams were in the same bag!!!

has this happened to other people???

I know what happens to the quality of water in a confined bag with one single octopus in it... let alone that amount of clams AND an octopus.... all it would take is one dodgy clam to die and the whole lot would go off like a bomb!

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

but it would be a needless casualty.

how has the wee guy settled in?

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