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Setting up a new tank


Aug 31, 2004
HEy guys.. this is my first post.. and before i get to my question id like to thank you all for all the info youve provided .. and youve gotten me hooked on octos..
Ok so i have a 55 gallon thats now a freshwater tank and which i want to convert to an octo tank.. Luckily my emperor filter broke the other day and i need to get a new one. What filter do you guys think would be good for a bimac in a 55 gallon. BTW im also planning on getting a bakpak filter.. what do you guys think about that?
Im completely new to saltwater although ive had a lot of experience in freshwater.. any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks again,
HI, and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

First of all, you must make sure that your freshwater tank has NEVER been used for a copper treatment, because this is impossible to completely remove and is fatal for octopuses.

Have a look at Colin's Equipment List by clicking on the Ceph Care button above. You will need a protein skimmer as well as a filter.

The other articles might be helpful, too.

wow.. i was thinking the same thing for my 55 gallon: an emperor and a prizm or a bak pak... I just have 1 question.. how did you manage to seal around the openings??
I was thinking maybe some type of mesh or netting between the hood and the filter outlet.

Thanks A Lot,
I was at my lfs this past week and started talking about octo's. The owner mentioned to line the top of the aquarium with velcro. Aperently Octo's don't like to get near the stuff.
its not that they dont like it its that the suckers cant actually grip it... unless it is a small octo or a big octo large enough to reach past the velcro strip... its a bit haphazzard :smile:
maybe the guy was thinking that you should put velcro between the top of the tank and the hood so the octo cant slip through a gap or lift up the hood?
As for the velcro, if you where to use the soft part of velco, or astroturf the octopus can not suction to these materials.

As for how I sealed up my tank around the filter and skimmer, I used the black plastic part that came with the tank, carfully laid out where I wanted my filter/skimmer and the VERY CAREFULLY cut out for my equipment, I got it so close I have no gaps over 1/16 of an inch wide, expect for a part in the filter that dips in. I then taped up even the 1/16 inch gaps just to be on the safe side.

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