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Sepia Bandensis in Europe

You'll find the eggs of S. blandness if you look for it in Germany. There are even online shops offering eggs.

If you still have your dream and didn't find anything so far.
Hi all.

I'm going back. At the time I was here I got eggs cuttle fish. I found a supplier in the Netherlands. This is the company Dejong. From the first attempt I saved only one squid. Now it is about 3 inches. I feed her live and frozen shrimps. Eats me out of hand. It is truly beautiful. I bought two more groups of eggs. There were 22 pieces, 13 of them were born. I feed the living Mysisem. So far, they eat it all. I am buying a live Mysis and live shrimp. I feed on the young from the Peacock eyelets. Can you please advise me what size I can put cuttlefish in one tank? Cuttlefish are cannibals?
Hi Zizik - I'm sure someone here will be able to help with your questions. Can you offer any pics?
We do see aggression with cuttlefish and the amount of space and hiding place in the tank seems to be one of the important factors (as well as the male to female ratio, more females seems to be best). While young the attacks are more about claiming mates than any interest in eating each other and are usually not fatal. As they age though, the aggression becomes more pronounced and the damage more likely to be lethal. There has been an anecdotal report that feeding squid may cause them to start considering attacking each other as food but this is untested.
thanks for the reply. I attach some pictures.


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