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Sensible Octo Keeping

Jul 24, 2003
Forgive this post for being a longish one in advance but its taken me some deliberation to get to this point!!

Ive decided after having a dry tank for a year and half and a basic reef for a approx year that Im goin to take a step back for about a year and then reenter on the mission for an octo with a new bigger tank.

Reason Ive got to this point is since I now know whats required in keeping a marine tank (didnt when I bought my tank 2&1/2-3yrs ago) If I was to start again I would design my tank completly differently.

I think I can dedicate myself to other matters I need to prioritise in the short term, that I wouldnt be able to do if I comited to an octo with this tank now..it'd take masses of time off me (an prob kill me haa haa!!)

I think it would be helpful for others to know I bought a tank that is big enough for a bimac I would hope!! (44uk gallons + 10 in sump) and set about my filtration in the space I had, breaking it down in places to maximise.

This has lead to several avoidable problems. Mainly the time needed to spend on maintenance, although a high maintenance hobby, if I could start again there are design methods I could use that would lower the time I need to spend maintaining water quality.

With a bigger tank you can instill the belts and braces Ive noted Colin refer to, which I beleive is paramount. Since if your tank goes wrong with fish you could always whizz to the LFS for temporary saviour, with an octo your limited for places of refuge, if you catch me drift!!

The golden rule I think is if you create too much disturbance in doing maintenance in a small space you can stair things up and create problems that were unnecessary.

IM going to sell my livestock and equipment I dont need but keep the stuff I will reuse on my new tank in the future such as pumps etc since they last for years and years it'll save me buying them again!

They say the heart strings with the tank is the worst thing to overcome but I suppose you've gotta be able to scrap a project to reinvent and get it right!! :smile:

But mark my words this is not the end and if I have to I will line the wall of the spare room with pond liner an go divin in there with an octo if it comes to it!!! :lol::lol:
Hi Scouse

great that you are looking at it from a responsible point of view, hope you don't stay away too long though.
Cheers mate same here, still not flooged anything although have people lined up for it.

Main thing is a lesson learnt i think is octo proof it all before putting water in it, I could finish it an run it as an octo tank but as is since Ive only the glass lid to be cut and sealed.

But may just end up with probs later due to compromises in the design.

Namley have a closed loop to accomodate the necessary flow as well as the main ring of display tank to sump circulation. But Ive decided I want a massive turn around without messing round in closed loops, and then maybe add closed loops for flow around sheltered areas of rock later.

Not only that but the skimmer Ive decided needs to be bigger , even thou I overskimm at the minute.

Did you say that you skim only 12 hours a day? i.e. coming on a night and off in the morn? Or was that Nancy?

Thought about pooping some cuttles in there but then the same questions apply and Im not going to get a pet just for the sake of it. But I would like some cuttles one day after an octo or two.

I know Im jumpin way down the line here but another dream after a Bimac is a native species tank with a native vulgarius at some point. Have you ever had a native one?

Hi Scouse,

Never kept a native but I think that this year will be the year for that. My friend usually has Eledone in stock so think I will take him up on one this year.

In the past, espescially when the tank was in the living room, I had the skimmer on a timer so that it was off when we were in from work. A 4 foot skimmer is pretty damn noisy when trying to watch TV. So actually, more like 18 hours skimimng.

In the past, espescially when the tank was in the living room, I had the skimmer on a timer so that it was off when we were in from work. A 4 foot skimmer is pretty damn noisy when trying to watch TV. So actually, more like 18 hours skimimng.

:lol: Your Mrs must love you!! Thats a big skimmer, thought I had me troubles when the missus broke her foot on a water change. Offical hospital report had injury as 'fish tank' :goofysca:

You said in another post an Eldone needs a 6ftx2x2 tank, been readin up an cant find out what size they go to. are they bigger than vulgarius? presume thats the size you'd need for one of tem fellas aswell?

Are they nocturnal?

Eledone only get to about 18 inches accross from the ones i've kept. Vulgaris are much much larger, i've had them to around 3 feet.

Eledone seem to be more sociable and are tollerant of other octos in their tank. I've kept 4 at around 12" in a 6xx2x2 but that was on a natural sea water flow system...

I've never kept any native vulgaris, but have had them from Spain before. Let me know when you are looking for your octo and i'll see what I can find for you. Which LFS do you use? I can't think of one in Liverpool off the top of my head. Is Neptune in Liverpool? Im only guessing thats where you are from but your name and that awful avatar of yours! (Im a Toon fan)

Anyway, nice to see it being well planned! Rock on

Andy you crack me up mate!! Brilliant!! Liitle Mick Owen is legend!!

Didnt know you were a bar code, good work fella!! I like the toon!!

To be honest the whole native tank is something I'd rather do after the bimac as this is what Ive been workin for.

BUt sayin that have had some native prawns in my tank for six months runnin fine on up to 28-29 degrees (need chiller for next tank!). BUt been thinkin if I I dont win the lottery an can turn my place into an in land ocean with several tanks. THe native prawns would be a better diet for a local octo than non-native.

BUt bein were am from, country wise, i'd love to have the local fellas in a tank. Now this brings me onto a question I was gunna ask Carol or Jean about since one of them mentioned about there places takin in water on the flow through system from I dunno....2 miles out or something???

Now I know thers the poo being washed up like a local skimmer on the shore but dont know the technical gumph on any other factors. Was at beachy head on new years day watchin the swill within the first 400 meters or so from land out to sea thinkin what is that!?!? Some waste possibly but how does that work is there other forces an sea balance at play here...really intrested to know!

Why so far out??

Am based in the big old smoke of Londonium at mo mate for the work stuff so have many places at disposal.

Your systems you've mentioned sound spot on, was over your way campin last summer/autumn in weymouth an the Mrs beat me at mackrel fishin!!! :bugout: :lol:

My tank wont start until about a year from now but look forward to postin me designs soon (sketchbooks goin mental!!)

So are the native octos nocturnal or.....?

p.s. Im hopin the avatar will get even better come may :lol:

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