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May 30, 2000

We've been trying to find the right venue for a gathering on Saturday night. That has proven to be a bit challenging for a variety of reasons (availability, hours, etc.). Carol, Nancy and Jason have been diligent in making calls and evaluating options -- we're getting close, but there is no settled plan as yet.

Here is my own current thinking (thanks to the analysis done by the folks above); I welcome input from any and all attendees --

Requirements and Considerations:
- the place must be casual
- must be affordable
- must serve alcohol :wink2:
- must serve "easy" food
- must be nearby Mote (i.e., where most people are staying)
- overall, must be conducive to socializing

One of the considerations was bar-close time. A couple of places we looked at had bars that closed relatively early -- like 10:30pm. At Monterey, there were several folks who stayed out well past midnight.

However, Monterey was different because the format was to have the event on Saturday, then Saturday night we went out, and Sunday was the aquarium. This time, it's Saturday = aquarium / night out, and Sunday (bright and early) is the event.

So, my thinking is that we should consider gather for dinner/drinks relatively early -- say 5:30 or 6pm. And if we're having a grand-olde tyme (and why wouldn't we), we can stay right up to close of 10:30 or so. Any late-night revelers can go back to Erich's party suite for the all-night rave. :mrgreen:

Thoughts on this? One potential venue: The Old Salty Dog (pics).

Thanks again to Carol/Nancy/Jason for all the input and guidance so far.
Basically it looks fine, just one question however.Do they serve meat? Erich has unfortunately discovered very recently that he is allergic to seafood. It's not a good thing when your throat swells shut.
No worries :wink2:

So it seems to me that this place doesn't have much of a downside. It's right where we're all gonna be for the meetup, it looks very casual and conducive to socializing, pretty affordable and easy food, and claims to have both Guinness and Bass on tap. It closes at 10, but that's plenty late for me.

It looks sort of small. I wonder how crowded it's going to be on a Saturday night and if they'll have room for 30 or so drunken cthulhu cultists...
Yes, THe Old Salty Dog can easily accomodate us.

I already checked before I suggested this place (which was recommended by the someone in the office of the Mote) - they can accomodate a group of 30 with no problem. They asked for advance notice, though.

I like Tony's plan!

The Salty Dog is fine for beer and grill food, nothing fancy. Their "signature" item is a 1/4lb beer battered hotdog. I recommend getting it with melted cheese. It should accommodate a party of about 12-24. I was under the assumption that there would be ~50. It might be tight for that many. There are also dozens of restaurants on St Armands Circle, about 2 miles down the road. Dining is al fresco, but it is right next to the water and to the Keating Marine Education Center, where we will all be for the conference. You can almost spit on it, it's that close. Nice view of New Pass.
By the way, it might be a good idea to give us directions to exactly where we're having the conference.

I assume the Mote has a number of buildings. We do we go (which building and which room - the Keating Marine Education Building, New Pass Room?), and where do we park? Is there any special entrance we drive in or anything else we need to know?

Nancy -- it's on the agenda at -- we're in the New Pass Room. Not sure if there's anything special to consider regarding parking, perhaps Jason can help there...

Jason, that St. Armands circle sounds nice -- perhaps we can chat. 12-24 capacity at the Salty Dog does not sound big enough... seems we'd be on the high-end of that range, or over... I think 30 is a safe enough bet. I think the Salty Dog sounds like fun (and it seems others are in agreement), but if you think 30 would be over-crowded, then I think to be safe we should keep looking. I'm open to other suggestions that meet the requirements above... I believe you had mentioned another place or two but I don't have them handy...
Oh bugger all. At least get me a pic of Herr Doktor O'Shea eating a fried cheese dog !
We will be meeting on the third floor of the Keating Marine Education Center. Google maps can point you in the right direction:

Google Maps

On satellite view, you will see the L-shaped dock. Keating is the large gray building adjoining that. ~12 parking spaces available under the building. Much more available just across the street in the shell parking lot. Many more spaces just down the street in front of the aquarium entrance.

I will be posting directional signs outside the building. Look for the TONMO tentacles. Feel free to contact me.

The Sarasota Brewing Company is about 11 miles from Mote.
Hey everybody -- Salty Dog it is (reservations made) -- 5:30pm, Saturday night the 23rd. Across from Mote. There is plenty of room on the porch. Be there or be a box jellyfish.
I remember a drink I once had whilst over last, Mississipi Mud, or some such name. Anyone had this before? I'm anxious to partake in a few of those again (I saved the bottle - tiz somewhere at home).
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