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Salt and Rock Curing Question


Sep 2, 2006
Hi all -

This is slightly off topic, but I didn't know where else to put it.......
I'm going to be curing some dry lava rock (never seen the ocean) just to get out any 'stuff' that may be living or growing on them. My question is this: can I use Sea Salt that is packaged at the grocery store (not deionized table salt!) instead of a synthetic mix - trying to save some $$... I know this wouldn't be good in the tank, but is it okay just for curing? Thanks for any input!
Just soak it in fresh water and then scrub it with a wire brush. No curing is actually necessary (there isn't much on the rock to cure), you will just have to seed the tank when you set it up. Curing is generally for live rock, not base rock. :smile:
I just soaked and pressure washed mine. Then added some uncured live rock here and there to populate the base rock. I used "holely limerock" and it is working great. Saved a ton of money (300 lbs base with 30 lbs live) and it is already growing stuff.
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