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nah, nothing could transfer from them to the cuttle..... just make sure you dont treat the fungus for anything sold in aquarium stores for fish related fungi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Any chance of posting a pic of the cuttle's eye Joel?
:cry: Nope can't post a pic anytime soon, I can't find e software needed to upload the pics ( now where did i put it :x ) Maybe I'll try feeding it shrimp and crabs only, in Mikes case the fish seemed to be e prob rite?
yeah, well you could try that but maybe a water change and some tank maintenance is in order too? could be that also? check to make sure the pH and hardness havnt crashed...
Infections of cuttlefish

Apart from the scratches (from rocks when they were young?) I saw no other evidence for infections. Maybe the rear-end-damage was too white to notice anything :?: but even in general ageing (senesence) still shewed no signs of infection, just got tatty and lethargic.
No fish diet was the only thing tried by me, and it seemed to help with the scratches.
Are marine invertebrate safe medicines suitable for use. I figured that even after a water change, the fungus might still be in the water causing the problem to reappear. So I think that in order toeliminate the prob, the fungus has to be E......X......T......E......R......M......I......N......A......T......E......D ! !
(I don't realli know if this makes sense :? )
If it hasnt got worse and looks better then you can relax a bit, it shouldnt come back if you stay on top of water quality.

I wouldnt put any treatments near the tank... just to be safe!

UNfortunately I cant get a pic of his eye. He always turns away when I try. If the left eye faces me, it is usually completely sharp with a texture horn sticking out.

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