• Looking to buy a cephalopod? Check out Tomh's Cephs Forum, and this post in particular shares important info about our policies as it relates to responsible ceph-keeping.


Cephalopods: A World Guide gives this as the size:

Body (and shell) to 50 cm.

So it's a big one!

Don't have anything on the lifespan.

Thanks Nancy, maybe I'll release Zoidberg when he gets too large. snif' :cry:. Does anyone here have any info on how to keep squids :squid: ? I was just wodering since I have access to live squid. Maybe :oshea: can help?
Don't worry...ANY spelling errors are forgiven...we all do them. I am somewhat curious about keeping squids also...loligo should be able to be kept in a large tank...has anyone done that???
p.s. please forgive any (sic)s I may make too!
was that too picky????? LOL

apologies, my spelling is pretty crap normally, but just in case you were doing web searches and getting nothing cuz the speeling wiz rong.

also, added squid info under other thread

Cuttles will naturally have more fish in their diet than an octopus would and I used a fair amount of fish for my cuttles but make sure you still have a varied diet and maybe take days about between fish and crustaceans
Maybe I'll feed zoidberg crabs or crayfish. Zoidberg seems to flash colours before he inks( I managed too get a vid of it, I already sent it), is this some kind of warning sign?
Eye infection?

When I fed my cuttlefish gamma frozen fish, old scratches on their backs used to whiten frighteningly. Feeding shrimp (live and frozen) allowed the problem to fade back slowly.
My system used live rock, sand and a skimmer, so was nowhere near sterile! Nitrate was higher than ideal due to food input levels.
that's interesting MIke...

Joel, keep a close eye on what the cuttle is doing... he may be bumping into the glass or rocks etc... I had seen that on one cuttle i had that never seemed to watch where he was going and would get abrasions on his eyes.

Also, this is hopefully premature, but cuttles eyes do give away the start of senesence... they get a type of cataracts effect, is that what you are seeing or is it a fungus?

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