Roxy has died...

Jan 31, 2003
Roxy passed away last night. She had been held up in her den for the past two weeks. I walked by her room last night, and saw her coming out. I walked straight in the kitchen and thawed out some shrimp for her and then headed back in her room. When I saw her up close I could tell that something was wrong. She was leaning over and her eyes looked weak. She was barely moving. I stroked her head a few times and picked up her arms with no suction. Her siphon was limp and very slow to breathe. After a couple minutes she took a few huge gasps of air. After several minutes of being still she started gasping again. It was a long process. I was pretty sad but my girlfriend lost it. It's hard when you loose a pet with so much character. The thing that gets me is that she came out to see us one last time before she passed as if to say goodbye. As I got on the site, I was surprised to see that Ink was gone too. They must have passed within a short time of each other. No more siblings :frown: John
:frown: I am so sorry to hear, but isn't that kind of amazing Ink and Roxy did die within acouple hours of each other. Makes me believe it was true about them being siblings!! I know how much you will miss Roxy! They truly had amazing personalities!!!


So sorry about Roxy, last of the bimac siblings. Roxy passed away in the same way Ollie did.

You have my sympathy - it's hard to lose your octopus.

It's amazing that Ollie, Roxy and Ink all died very close to 10 full months with us. Ollie passed away just 4 days short of 10 months, while Ink lasted a day beyond 10 months. Roxy lived the longest, but that was only 6 days beyond 10 months, or 10 days longer than Ollie. We'll never know whether they were really siblings, or whether they were the same age when they arrived, but a good guess is they were at least 4 months old, which makes them 14 or 15 months old when they passed away.

Best regards,

Thanks so much for all of your sympathies. You're all great people and I promise that next time around I'll chat online with everyone a lot more. I'll keep you updated... John

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