Rookie awaiting 1st octo

Jul 31, 2006
Hi everyone. I am new to the site and I am still working on learning how to navigate my way around it. I found it because I am awaiting the arrival of my very first octopus.(braireus sp.) I've spent hours searching for the most information I can-I have about 4 years of reefkeeping experience and I own 6 saltwater tanks.

I wanted to tell you all that this site has been a HUGE help. I told my husband I was so surprised at how strong of a bond each of you have with your aquatic pets, that makes me feel better because we do too, we spend hours and hours each day enjoying our tanks!!

I am a little nervous awaiting my new arrival:bugout: but I will be able to do what I need to in order to keep him or her alive. How do I know if it is a he or a she anyways?:confused:

Thanks for being part of a great site, I look forward to keeping in touch and now the next task... naming him/her....arg!
Telling if its male or female is really difficult for a lot of species, braireus included. It has to do with one of the legs on a male that is slightly different. Another way to tell is if it eventually lays eggs before it dies. Most people just choose which to call it.

Good Luck,
Welcome to Tonmo, and I am sure that you will be very happy with your new charge...just be prepared to get addicted! Be sure to enter your tank is the database, if you have problems with loading, write Nancy, our tank guru.

Hi and a big welcome to! :welcome:

Sounds like you're set up perfectly to enjoy your octopus! As for the sex, we just choose one or the other and name our octos. Have you looked at the List of Our Octopuses at the top of Journals and Photos to see the names we've given our octo pets?

Please keep us posted - hope you can get some pics, too.

Welcome welcome welcome! How did you find

I'm like sorseress. I have to live vicariously through the other keepers here. I'm a little fearful that my tank might end up going through my floor!

I can't wait to see your baby!
Not sure if this goes with ALL octopus species...however, on males, the suction cups aren't as even as females. They have noticeably larger suction cups in random areas on the arm...usually at the base of the tentacles and can be seen when they stick to the glass and turn over. In Giant octopuses and Vulgaris', their very noticeable.
Thank you all for your warm welcomes. I found the site by typing in "how to care for a octopus braireus" and I looked at a site by someone named octomonkey where it recommended me to check out this site..wha-la... I found this awesome site.
I will post pictures of my tanks and of our new addition next week.
Thanks again everyone!
That's interesting because Octomonkey is our very own Colin Dunlop, the co-moderator of this forum and author of many of our Ceph Care articles. :smile:


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