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RO/DI Filter on e-bay


Nov 24, 2002
Hi Everybody:

Colin, we spoke about posting specials on ebay etc. several days ago. I thought that I should post a copy of this RO/DI unit that I found on ebay. It is a 5 stage RO/DI unit (100 GPD Fimtec membrane) which comes with a built in pressure guage AND a TDS meter all for $199.00. The seller also claims to have a 30 day money back guarantee. The buyer feedback for this seller seems to be outstanding.

In my experience this is a very good price for a 5 stage RO/DI unit even without the TDS meter. Hope that this is helpful. :biggrin2:

Hi Law

yeah your right, that is a good price and a 5 stage is a good piece of equipment. Thanks for posting!

I havn't bought anything from ebay yet. Think I'll need to start paying closer attention to it!


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