Kindred spirit on eBay

Nov 20, 2002
Behold a kindred spirit!

After reading her amazing self-description and bidding on this great painting (keeping my tentacles crossed), I sent the artist/seller the following message via the eBay system:

Hi Pauline -- Not a question, but a friendly note from a fellow cephalofan! As you can see, I've bid on this delightful painting of yours, and after reading your auction notes I wanted to let you know about an online community I belong to called TONMO (, which stands for The Octopus News Magazine Online. We're a group of over 2000 people from all walks of life -- marine biologists (including some names you may recognize), aquarists, students, artists, writers, and ordinary folks like myself (BTW, I'm also the mom of a teenager) -- with a fascination for octopus, squid, cuttlefish, nautilus, ammonite, and all things ceph-related. TONMO covers the subject of cephalopods from every possible angle -- scientific, ecological, literary (including H.P. Lovecraft), artistic, culinary, cultural, folkloric, humorous, and just plain fun. Besides, we're a pretty cool bunch of people! :smile: Please check out the site, I think you'll love it. Peace (and squidly salutations :smile:)

Hope she "bites" -- I think Pauline would make a great addition to our community. Will let ya know if I hear from her....

Keepin' on keepin' on,
Sent a reply also...very nice piece, I hope you win too!!!!!
It really is important to support the arts...most of us are starving!

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