RIP Ahab

Feb 24, 2005
well she died on sunday... :goodbye: i guess she lived a happy life to her full extent, being captured and only having 7 legs... laying eggs a month later only to watch her babies after they hatched get eaten alive by a cardnal fish and the rest sucked up by filtration... then a week and a half of happy play time... oh well she was a very interesting octopus from the start but i guess its time to look for another one:roll:
Oh I'm sooo sorry to hear about Ahab. Don't let it get you down -- maybe you can be a dad to another bouncing baby octo in the near future! We enjoyed all the pix and updates on Ahab. Thank you for sharing her with us! :biggrin2:
RIP Ahab.

Any chance any of her progeny could still be hiding in the tank?
dont know the babies were planktonic and i think they mostly got sucked up in the filtratioin or eaten by the cardnal which had a plump belly the next morning after the hatch... i havent seen any baby octos anywhere either and ive been looking pretty hard... oh well. ill keep my eyes open for a new octo though and if i get one and babies do appear ill just take them out and put them into other tanks
so sorry, although remeber how that one member, (i think jean but not sure) had a baby briarius but didnt know about it until crabs started disapering...

It was me - I had the baby briareus(I put 6 day-old hatchlings into my tank) and didn't know that one had survived until the crabs started disappearing - actually, first I saw the amphipods begin to disappear, then the crabs - but I never saw her until she was 4 months old! She came out in an angry red huff because my husband was scraping some algae off the glass. What a surprise!!

So you never know - you can always hope that one survives.


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