Revised List of Octopuses


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Nov 20, 2002
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Hi all,

At the top of this forum is a thread called List of Our Octopuses. It replaces the Bimac Sibling thread, since a number of our members are keeping other species and we need to include these, too.

I know I'm still missing some of our octos, but I'm going back over the threads to find and add them. If you see any omissions, just let me know by PM.

Right now this list is kept in three date-groups - 2005, 2004-2005, and earlier. I have also have broken the list into the current octo pets and the ones who have unfortunately passed away.

I hope this ongoing list will be useful for various purposes - to have a realistic picture of lifespan, to get ideas for octo names, to see where to people are purchasing their octopuses, etc.

Great list, Nancy! I, unfortunately, have an update on my bimac.

I posted in a thread that I received my bimac on April 5. I had him in a 40 gallon tank with lots of live rock; he was inside a 'kritter keeper' in this tank so that I could keep tabs on his eating, etc. He escaped from the kritter keeper on April 6th, and I figured he was hiding in the rock.

After two weeks of him being lost, I finally I had to 'call it'. I had not seem him since April 6th. I pronounced him officially lost on April 20th. Its possible that he escaped, but I doubt that as I had the tank well secured and didn't find him anywhere outside the tank. I'm assuming he died inside the live rock, possibly the same way 'Gaius' passed without any other outward signs. I named him 'John Doe' as I never got to interact with him.


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