Returning to the Baltimore Aquarium!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Well.....Hopefully.....I will be able to visit with the GPO at the Baltimore Aquarium this Friday night!!! Jess and I are camping out from 9PM to 9AM by the dolphins. There are only 23 people allowed to sleep over so I am hoping we will have a big taste of the behind the scenes and meet some of their creatures up front!! I will report in on Sat. hopefully with some new pics to share of the GPO there!!! :mrgreen:
we all are envious... best of luck with pics....

to ensure you good close ups of the gpo, tell them they'll "rue the day" if they dont let you get close....

and dont forget to shake your fist when you say "rue the day," thats what makes it work...

I just returned home and do I have a story to tell!!! Turns out part of our sleepover was a back scenes tour!!! Awesome stuff!! We were escorted to the behind the scenes kitchen, treatment room, quaranteen (?) room, as well as the walkway over the middle of the sharktank. Of course one tank in particular totally got my attention and I have many, many pics to post and alot more to tell but right now I need a nap!!!! We slept in a round room full of windows with the manarays and sharks going by as our tv's!!! Found out the GPO is a male...they have also tried to give the female GPO's estrogen...I wanted to ask more but there was just so much to absorb, so I am assuming to help them not to lay eggs???

Mr. GPO has an amazing assortment of toys!!!! He even has a warning hanging over his tank in the behind the scenes!!! He was totally into watching us this time. Doing the texture thing like G2 does. I visited him about 3 times and took some pics without the flash. They mentioned the flash does something to their photo sensors???

Anyway, I promise lots of pics...but right now I need a nap!!!

Couple more!! Unfortunately the GPO pic didnot come out well with enhancement but if you find his eye you can sort of tell how textured he was. Totally into watching us!!!
Hi Jean!

I would hope not....Looked like a lift up top to me! There was a cynderblock on each end!!

I'm going back!!! I love it there!! Especially without the crowds!!! I could lounge all day in front of the GPO!! May have to investigate a camera with a lowlight sensor!!!


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