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refugium - pods cope and amphi


Pygmy Octopus
Apr 28, 2007
Has anyone successfully raised or atleast supplemented there S. bandensis diet with their refugium. I'm a bit concerned by the mysis diet and the fact that quite a bit of the expensive order consumes itself.


Be very concerned! They eat a lot, and saying that doesn't really reflect the reality. They eat a lot. A fuge might help you out in a pinch if you have one or two cuttles, but I wouldn't rely on it for any length of time.

You could buy a big rubber maid container, 20 or 30 gallons, and throw a heater and air pump on it to store your mysids. The larger volume will give them more space to cut down or predations. Adds some plastic screen for more surface areas as well, and don't for get to feed the mysids too. Sadly, the larger the container for holding mysids means it becomes harder to see and catch them.
I use a big cooler (it is white on the inside), it makes it a little bit easier to see the mysids. But I was unable to stop most of the cannibalism... Luckily they only eat mysids for about a month!
If you feed them mysis can reproduce faster than they cannibalize, even in an empty tank.

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