Recipies with Squid

Apr 8, 2004

Do any of you have any good squiddy recipies? I use a lot of squid in work to feed to my army of fish and sharks and am quite partial to it when we go out but can't find any good recipies.

Thanks in advance

WK loves the stuff...can't say as I am very partial to it myself...just too fishy tasting for me...(I really hate the taste of fish)
It may take a little while but there is a Vietnamese recipe for crispy squid that I'd like to track down. When I do, I'll share it here.

You may have seen squid that was scored on one side before cooking - that is the inside, and when squid is cooked, the scores will separate. It cooks really quickly, too.

from what i understand, tis oftne the idea behind scoring things before frying.... (iron chef CAN impart culinary knowledge :shock: )
"cook's tour " is on in about 1/2 an hour (6 our time)...also a great show with weird food!
OOOOHHHH... I love brussel sprouts...Emeril had a great way of preparing them: cut in half, sauteed in some "erl" with browned onions and bacon....Yummm!
too amusing.... was eating with my folks and i saw this....HAD to get a photocopy of the menu



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