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Random Inking?


Jul 27, 2004
Megas has inked no less than 4 times (that i have seen) with no provocation that i can see.
I am begining to think he has a weak ink bladder or something.
Can anyone tell me why?
everythings fine hes playing on the rocks and BAM ink over everthing. 2 seconds later hes on the other side of the tanks messing around like nothing happned.
ohh and hes taken to grabbing me whenever i get near enough. murderous little bastage.

weak ink sack? I've never heard of a octo ir squid with a weak ink sack before....maybe he's afraid of something...is there a pet in your house other than your octo?
Bimacs have different personalities and maybe Megas is easily startled and recovers quickly. Even approaching the tank can startle them - move slowly. Turning on a light may do it, too. Or suddenly seeing the damsel. And, some ink more than others. He'll probably outgrow this tendency, but, in the meantime, your skimmer should help a lot. If it's thick ink, a panty hose net works well (regular net lined with panty hose fabric) for scooping it out.

Megas sounds well adjusted,happy and not at all shy. He isn't afraid of you and wants some sort of contact.

nancy the only contact that dude wants is my flesh and his mouth
my wife rested her hand on the edge of the tank the other day and looked away for a second and Megas came out of the water to grab her. dropped a clam he was holding and looked for all the wolrd like it was ON and this time it was marsupial (fuzzy reference)
i TRIED to let him play with my hand last night but hes so freaking rough. jerking my hand around throwing water on me. its nuts
This is what I suspect, based on observation on my bimac:
Octos go through many phases in their lives. Colin identified "The Baby Hiding Stage". Since your octo is a bit older, it will act differently from the baby bimacs usually shipped. Bimacs seem to go through a "teenager" phase of exploration, squirting, enthusiasm and so forth. Later on they settle down into the quieter adult octo phase. At least that's my theory.

So enjoy Megas - many people would give a lot to have an octo that active who also is willing to interact.

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