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Questions re: aquaculturestore.com

Jan 18, 2008
Does aquaculturestore.com ship with heat packs during the winter? Or is this even an issue for feeders? They don't have an option on the website... only for "cold" packs... and they haven't responded to any of my email queries over the last couple of weeks.

I need to get some pods and mysis for the pending hatchlings, but I'm a bit discouraged by the lack of communication from Sachs. Is there another alternative?

i just ordered fiddlers a couple of days ago from the aquaculturestore.com and they didn't send it with a heat pack. they should be fine. and my mom left them out there because she didn't know they were out there and they still seemed fine.
The Aquaculture Store is a family operation and the best way to get in touch is to phone. I've always found them ready to help.

It may be because I am a regular customer so Paul recognizes my email address (vs junk mail) but he always responds when I have questions so I suspect the problem lies in the email/junk mail problem and not with the supplier.
I have ordered many fiddlers from Paul for my octopuses. I live in NJ, which gets quite cold during the winter. I received a shipment of fiddlers one particularly cold day and they all looked dead. So I sent an email to Paul telling him what happened.

He advised me to put them in water and just wait a while. He mentioned that they are more susceptible to heat than cold, and that if placed in warm water, frozen fiddlers will often 'thaw' out and start moving again. Sure enough, they all 'woke' up and started crawling around (over the span of a day). Not sure if they moved as much as they would have if they weren't once frozen but my octopus ate them up regardless.
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