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Question For all


Jan 13, 2009
Well I'm at the point of finishing my research and came to the conclusion I wanna try to house a cuttlefish species (Sepia bandensis). My question is does anyone know of a custom tank builder online that make's a custom tank for Cephalopods?



don't know about specifically for cephs, but glasscages.com will make custom tanks and has lots to choose from already made. They are very cheap, but to get shipping you have to meet their truck somewhere where they already deliver. I've heard a couple of bad reviews on them, but have heard from a lot of people that were happy, including myself. I have a 250 gal. I bought from them. They are worth checking out IMO if you can get/have a truck to meet them with to pick up your order.
I would seriously suggest talking to your local fish store. Custom tanks are easy to order, and they handle all of the shipping, etc.

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