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Question about the water changing...

Jan 6, 2003
Just a quick brief question that I used to know the answer to...but forgot a while ago. If you choose to keep a barrel of ready-made salt water for water changing so you can just get it once your ready to do water changing, how long does it usually take until the barrel of salt water expires (goes bad)? Because if it takes a very long time, this seems like an easier method of doing water changes than having to make salt water every week or every other week.

Just a quick note as well: Im not planning on keeping cephs YET, but im upgrading my book on keeping cephs at the moment, which is why im asking. It's only a small tiny book just for MY reference.
I've read that you can keep it indefinately with a small pump circulating the water, but practically speaking you usually keep it only a few weeks. Perhaps some people use larger containers to mix their water.

I keep mine full all the time...but then, water is constantly being taken away and added during changes. If you have two large tanks, a 30 gallon can should be fine. The rubbermaid 30 with lid is only about five bucks, and the top snaps on nice and tight.

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