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question about saltwater.com


Mar 14, 2006
does ne 1 know what kind of octopus that Saltwaterfish.com is selling, i cant figure out what kind it is. They show a pic of it, if some1 could look at see if they can figure it out, that would be great. thx:wink:
he died like 7 hours after acclimation, I think its because he inked in the bucket while he was acclimating and got stress plus my salt level was a little low. But now i am getting a dwarf octopus, does any 1 know about them?:bugout:
Make sure your water parameters are good before you get another octopus. A dwarf octopus will probably be nocturnal Be sure you have some small crabs to feed him with.

:confused:the dwarf is doing great, hes very shy right now but still really fun and cool. I ve been feeding him ghost shrimp can ne 1 tell me what else to feed him. And ne ways to get him owner friendly w/ me so i can hand feed him or do fun tricks w/ him??????????????
You really need to get another kind of food because ghost shrimps aren't very nourishing. How about some hermit crabs? Small pieces of thawed frozen shrimp? Maybe small snails. You're right in feeding him some live food, but he needs some variety in his foods and ghost shrimp aren't the best thing to feed him.

sounds good, when u say frozen shrimp what do u mean cause a buddy told me i could feed him shrimp from the grocery store, is that ok, if not what then?
i had a buddy at my local (good) fish store order it for me, iam not sure were he ordered it but i will asked him and get back. He's way cool and interesting hes my baby:baby:
GMC, my dwarf octo won't eat frozen shrimp (the kind you get from a local fish store) but has eaten tons of ghost shrimp, hermit crabs, small red crabs and snails. Every other night I throw in ghost shrimp but basically force my octo to eat other stuff on the other nights because if I put in shrimp, she just eats the shrimp.

Hope that helps. (BTW, my dwarf's mantle is about 1-1/2" and the legs are about 3" right now, and hopefully not growing any bigger)

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