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pygmy octopus

Mar 23, 2005
hi im new(i posted a thread in the introdduce yourself place), i have some q's for keeping a pygmy octo. 1) i read there are different types of pygmys, what type would be suitable for a 10 gal. tank, dimensions are 20" long, 10.5" wide, and 11.5" high? is it diurnal or nocturnal? is it interactive? what will it eat? how much live rock and sand (if needed) should i put in? will it bite? is smeagle a good name? what should i use to seal exits? what lighting does it need? what temp must the tank be? what should be the ph, silanity, nitrate, nitrite,and ammonia? where can i get one? how big does it grow? and is that too many q's? :confused:
Hey there... Ummm *I don't think that 10 gal is big enough for ANY octo, it can eat teeny tiny hermit crabs, baby clams, it CAN bite, Smeagle the Beagle would be an Octoriffic name, you can seal small crack type exits with aquarium sealant (sold at wal-mart for under 5 bucks), the ph should be like 8.3 I think, salinity 1.026 is ideal, nitrate/trite/am should be 0 if possible, COPPER ZERO, hope that helps........
Pygmy care

I have kept a variety of Caribbean and Indo-Pacific pygmy octopus. I have had no problem keeping them in 10 gal systems, but I will warn you that several of the intertidal species such as O. bocki and O. wolfi will not hesitate to the exit the tank if you do not have it secure. Also, except for blue-rings, almost all of the pygmies that I know are nocturnal and you will not see much of them during the day. They also have a rather short life span - usually less than a year.

The other problem with pygmies is that you usually don't know what you have. The best pygmy I ever had was about 2 cm mantle lenght when I captured it. It did very well in a 5 gal tank. It was diurnal, engaged in endless color and tecture displays, and would eat almost anything including frozen shrimp. The only problem was that it kept growing and eventually outgrew a 100 gal tank. It was an O. cyanea.

All octos, big and small, seem to be in short supply right now. A number of people have asked about pygmies/dwarfs but I can't find any supplier who can reliably provide these octopuses. I'm still looking.


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