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PUMPS: Atman Vs. Resun Vs. Oceanrunner

Jan 27, 2005
Hello everyone,

I'm pump-hunting for an 8000 L/h pump to drive a Beckett head skimmer and these are the ones around:

Atman MP-8500 about $58 US
Pentax about $80 US
Ocean Runner about $300 US

and, the RESUN MD55 (an IWAKI clone from China) about $90 US

I'd like to know if people have had good or bad experiences with these pumps - breakdowns, heat, noisiness, etc. I've heard terrible things abut Rios!

I wonder too if anyone knows how to calculate electrical usage rates based on wattage, I'm guessing an 8,000l/h pump is gonna be pretty hungry for power.

Thanks for anything you can share,

I've always used Rio pumps (largely because my company market them) and never had a problem with htem.

I've never heard of your first two pumps but Ocean runners are pretty good.

You could always buy a larger pump (ITT have a good range) and use ball valves on them to restrict the flow, this will help you out if you ever need to enlarge your system!

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