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Hi Everyone,

"Nautilus Conservation" is such a broad subject so I'm going to try and limit the focus to the specific work I have been involved with and provide links to other work on the subject.

To me, the whole concept of "Saving Species" was pretty abstract until I got in the thick of it and was able to see all of the many, many pieces that go into saving an animal, or plant or ecosystem for that matter. To that end, I'll be going over the different steps that have gone into Nautilus Conservation over the past several decades that have led up to the first proposal to the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to protect nautiluses.

It is an important time in Nautilus Conservation with the 17th Convention of the Parties (CoP) CITES meeting in September-October 2016. Here, the world will vote on whether to regulate the trade of nautiluses.

I'll start with some general background and a "cheat sheet" for abbreviations going forward so it doesn't look like a bunch of jumbled words.




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The National Marine Fisheries Service has published a POSITING finding on the proposal to list nautiluses under the United States Endangered Species Act. Federal Register, Volume 81 Issue 166 (Friday, August 26, 2016)

This is a significant step for nautilus conservation. I am searching for better information/links on how y'all can help with the next steps and share the information. #savethenautilus

Time to resurrect this thread!

Four species of nautiluses have not been officially listed on the IUCN Red List!!!

Nautilus belauensis is now listed as Near Threatened and Nautilus macromphalus, Allonautilus scrobiculatus, and Allonautilus perforatus are listed as Data Deficient.

The remaining species should be added to the list within a year, during the next update, I hope.

I'll provide some additional updates on what this really means for nautilus conservation in the coming weeks...

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species


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