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Program Test: 50 free shrimp


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May 30, 2000

We're conducting an experiment with our live shrimp shipping service on TONMO.com. Basically, we'd like to send four people from separate areas of the US a FREE shipment of 50 small shrimp. Your only obligation is to email me as soon as you receive the free gift, and report the condition of the shrimp (eg, lively, or not, and how did the creatures in your tank like them?).

If successful, we may change the program here so that people can order live shrimp from TONMO.com to be shipped directly to their homes (instead of dropped shipped at the airport), in small orders (e.g. no need for a separate feeder tank), at a very reasonable price.

If you'd like to participate in this free test, please email me at [email protected] to express your interest. Please note that I cannot at all gaurantee that you'll receive free shrimp. But if you contact me and provide me with your general location you'll be considered for this "focus group" test.

For more information on the program as it exists now, please see our Live Shrimp Store.

Thank you!

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