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Prices on octos

erich orser

TONMO Supporter
Nov 29, 2004
Will have to study up a little on my local octos, but I've noticed that the "mudflats" at the local fish shops had the twin blue spots on their webbing but were otherwise of a putty-to-light brown color. The octopus (generally curled up on themselves) in the fish department at the supermarket tended to be identical, but of salad plate size.

I live on the North end of Koreatown; an awful lot of octopus gets consumed around here (sometimes live, I'm sorry to say, though that isn't among the translated items on the menu). Not aware of any local octopus fisheries in SoCal, but most of the Mariscos stands and restaurants in my area all prominently feature pulpo as well, and they must be getting them fresh from somewhere. I'll have to inquire about their place of origin.

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