Preference of squid......

... my-oh-my

You are going to do one of three things!
1) Study in Hawaii under the tutelage of retired Professor Dick Young;
2) Study in Galveston;
or 2.415,769,438,212.00100306), come on down to New Zealand and study here.

Chiller units can also be heating units, but are rather expensive (mine at NZ$2000 per unit), so temperature need not prove a problem (warm or cold).

I admire your spirit Octomush; in a few years time I do expect you to still be posting regularly. Before you consider transport of live cephalopods for the ceph trade, you will, however, have to equip yourself with the basics to keep them alive.

I have a little surplus equipment here that I'll send you, but you do need the adaptors to convert the NZ airpumps to US sockets. Have you a protein skimmer?
Sigh ur right...... I found the lil' bugger dead when I got home from school... He was all white and wide eyed... I guess u were right. I just dont get it.. He was fine that morning he had happily stuffed his face with shrimp the night before. I should have let him go, I never learn I guess. Will u really send me that stuff? It costs a fortune, and no I have no protein skimmer... Perhaps I could trade u some squid for it lol? And who is Dick Young? Thanks.....
That's alright OctoM; as long as we learn from our mistakes (yes, I too have made many, many mistakes), and you listen to the advice given to you by the many people online who have learnt from their mistakes.

How many days was that anyway? 4? If so that's very good! Normally if a tank environment is lethal then a squid will last a few minutes only. So, if we put a bubbler unit in there, an airlift, and a protein skimmer, I'm sure that you will have much better success.

What is the height of the tank you have (to the water level that you fill it)? If you tell me this (in mm) then I can cut the length of tube to the right length. I will get this equipment off to you first thing next week.

Dick Young is one of the nicest people that you will meet that works on cephalopods. He is based in Hawaii. When you have these squid living and healthy I will tell you a little more.
Thanks... Yeah I had the squid 5 days. I usually fill my tank to the brim and it is about 21" (51.5 cm) tall, Im so dumb I cant figure mm. Im so gratefull u are still helping me. Should I put this stuff on my tank or should I construct the squid tank? Are u sure u want to give me all this expensive stuff? I would be VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY thankfull! I could catch u like free squid for life or somthing! For a squid tank I can get stuff like um... A tank for starters a barrel or maybe even an inflatible pool! Thanks so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much! Hail to Mr. O'Shea god of stuff.... Hail hail hail hail..... :notworth: Sorry for bugging u over and over and over. Ok Im gonna stop talking now. Thanks bye...
oh i live in monterey and the water's pretty cold. they're called common market squid and they're nothing like hawaiian bobtail squid. you should google them.
I could probably just take you out on one of the fishing boats and you could catch anything that lives in the entire bay. At the risk of being shunned i have to tell you that my dad owns 3 of the major fishing boats in monterey bay. The Ocean Angel One and Two are purse sainers and both catch squid and the Cassandra Anne... well i wont say anything about what it does.

"evil rotten good-for-nothing fishermen":mad:
......................- most people on

"im scared"
............ - me :shock:
oo...maybe a fishing trip for us members after TONMOcon ends sounds nice. (Mind if I ask how do you catch the squiddies?)

Who's wants a fishing trip after TONMOcon?
its basically the same idea as a bug zapper when we use a light boat (we dont always, sometimes we just rely on our high powered sonar) but there's a smaller boat with high powered lights and the squid are drawn to it. then the large boat uses it's skiff to lay a very large net around the school of squid. then the net is pulled aboard and put in the hatch. the hatch is below freezing and is probably the least painful way to kill a squid. i think thats what people do to suffering cephs... put them in the freezer.
i dont know thats up to the fishermen. but our dock is right across the street from MBARI and i think some of you are going there. you should ask one of the capitains. you could probably pay them or something. or maybe just work on the boat.
great idea, but does is it possible to actually board one of the small well-lit (understatment of the decade) boats and try fishing for them there?

well the light boats are independent from our boats...
you'd probably want to go on the ocean angel 2, its a lot nicer and the people on it are too.

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