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O. vulgaris
Oct 19, 2005
How exactly do you octo proof an in tank power head ? :/ I'm a little stumped on this one. I dont mind him moving it around much, but I dont want the little guy to get sucked into the propeller and hurt.
One way is to cover the inflow and outflow tubes with some sort of plastic mesh netting - you can use cable ties to secure it. Don't make it a big bag - your small octo might get caught in the folds.

I've used the netting that some smaller packages of veggies come in - clean it and thoroughly rinse it, then cut to the size you need.

Depending on the output of the powerhead, you can also use wide cell foam to cover it...I've had good luck with using tetra airlift filter sponges slid right over the intake to the powerhead...
One of my powerheads has one of those aquaclear filter attachments on it... I'm thinking I might be able to get away with just silliconing the connection so he wont be able to jerk it lose.

The other powerhead is quite large and I'm wondering if I covered it with Bridal Netting, would that do the trick or is it not fine enough netting? (its for a new baby octo from octopets btw :smile: )
regular plastic window screen is probably better...very tough stuff ! Any homedepot/lowes/hardware place will have it in stock.

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