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Possible Poisoning


Apr 5, 2003
I lost my bimac that I've had since November a couple days ago for no known reason. He was acting fine and attacking his feeding stick like normal, then I released a crab into his tank and he went after it. He grabbed the crab and started moving to his den when all of a sudden he stopped, dropped the crab which was still alive and started convulsing and wrapping his tentacles around himself. Then he went to the glass and looked like he would be ok, but when I went to check on him minutes later he was dead. The crab came from a reef tank, so I don't think copper would be the problem, has anyone else experienced this before or have any ideas of what could have caused his sudden demise?
it might of been some tiny animals that lived on the crabs. many animals can di from that way. thats why When i get my octopus i'm only going to get my food from a trusted source.

May Your octopus rest in peace.
:cry: :angel:
Sorry to hear about your loss. It's so sad when your octopus dies, and so suddenly, too.

At least you had quite a bit of time with him.

Definitely sounds like a toxic reaction to something that was on the crab...even if you buy your stock from a reputable dealer, it is not a bad idea to bathe the food items in clean fresh (not salt) water for 5-10 minutes...this tends to kill any small beasties living on the shell. Some of the toxic genertating animals are barely bigger than a piece of hair (hydras, for instance)...
This was answered in another thread - the answer is, not happily. The anemone will sting the ocotpus, which has soft skin. So they shouldn't be kept together.


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