Poll: Favourite Film/TV Monster Cephalopod


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Nov 19, 2002
Which is your favourite of these film and television monster cephalopods?
Oh, come on! NO contest! Watching the Ray H. octo take apart San Francisco is the best !!!!

Don't understand that Kevin. I don't see why you can't vote (?)

There seem to be little glitches like this here and there at the moment. Hopefully Tony will get things sorted out soon. (Hope we can get the attachments back soon too, there are a lot of good photos in 'Fossils' that have gone AWOL).

In this poll I have no idea, why 'Dr Who' is in italics, I can't seem to edit the poll and people should only be able to post one vote. I doesn't say who voted for which option either though it did when I logged on earlier this morning. Strange.
i voted for 20,000 leagues, thats a real long lasting first impression from when i was a wee boy
I logged off and voted for the ammonite :smile:

Something fishy going on :shock:


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I voted for the watcher but as a Kid the one that made the most impression on me was the cephy thing in Space 1999, Which we've discussed in another thread! Couldn't go to bed til I'd checked in the wardrobe and under the bed :lol:

Oh yes, that was scary Jean! It was the episode "Dragons Domain" circa about 1973 (I know as I've got in on DVD somewhere). If I can work out how to edit the poll I'll add it. Wish I'd included it in the first place!


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i had to vote for octopus i/ii for two reasons.... first the second movie was so bad it makes your hair hurt and secondly (and definitely related to the first) i didnt think anyone would vote for 'em if i didnt...
I voted 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but then saw that Reap the Wild Wind hadn't a single vote! Okay, so the squid in 20,000 is a classic, but c'mon: John Wayne only dies in a handful of all his films, and here he's taken-down by an Architeuthis! Plus, I guess I'm the only one, but where's The Road to Bali? Mysterious Island - excellent pic. Oh, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea has both a giant octopus attack AND a giant squid attack! :cthulhu:
Personally, I think this film stinks, but where's Sphere? Okay, so the only squid you really get to see are supposedly Archi babies in egg cases (that look more like condoms - thanks to Steve, we all know better), but still, squid are prominently mentioned.

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