Mar 30, 2007
due to my ever present nerddom and my love of cephs that borders on a mental problem i have written a poem.


The Nautilus so old, outdating all the rest
A link to the past
An echo
So beautiful so primal
In their deep deep lair
Is it Stupid?
Or just withdrawn
Intelligently pondering the meaning of life

The Squid
Like a rocket through the sea
Shimmering clouds living their last days
Tentacles tangle then their task is done
Mysterious giants
The kraken
Growing from no where
Or small like a bullet
And fast as one too

The Cuttlefish
The middle child
Not a fish at all
Ten tentacles like its predecessor
It’s colors flash brightly in a sea or in a tank
As it happily hunts for food
It’s fins flapping
They are a hummingbird’s wings
It levitates in one place
So beautiful
So alien

The Octopus, the pinnacle
The lord of the ocean
Strong enough to kill a shark
Smart enough to solve a puzzle
Mysterious beauty intoxicates us
It spins in a ballet of majesty
It’s eight arms the spokes of a wheel.
Disguising not only its color
Its shape too
It becomes a rock
Or a plant

The Cephalopod
God’s grace plays out.

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