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May 30, 2000
Hi all,

The Marketplace forum is the place for you to post cephalopod-related things that you want to buy, sell or trade. This could be for things like aquarium equipment, collectibles, books, videos, fossils, toys... you name it.

A few things to note:

1. You are entirely responsible for your actions, and as such you must settle any disputes on your own. / Deep Intuition, LLC are not responsible for any of the offers, transactions, or interactions on this forum (or any of our forums, in fact). As with any forum, the Webmaster (that's me) may remove any post at any time for any reason. Be sure you are familiar with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

2. This forum is not for commercial use. Affiliate programs (i.e., third party sales or URL with dynamic tracking links) are not allowed, nor are stores or businesses. This is intended as a forum for individual ceph-related products being made available by the people who own (or sell) them. If you'd like to advertise with, please see our Rate Card.

3. Please indicate in your subject title what you are seeking to do (buy, sell or trade). Example subject titles:

Protein Skimmer for sale

[WANTED]: Plush Octopus!

Ceph books for sale or trade

You get the idea... :smile:

4. In the body of your message, try to be as descriptive as possible about the item. A photo attachment would be helpful! It's up to you whether you want to state how much you want to sell or buy something for, or you can propose that people contact you with bids... or even post their bids publically in the forum... or perhaps the first person to send you a private message gets the item. It's up to you!

5. When your request is met, please post a reply to your own note indicating as much. For example, if you post an item for sale and then you coordinate with someone and finally sell it, come back here and reply saying, "Sold!".

6. Be careful about posting any personal information, as this information is viewable by anyone who visits here. I suggest providing your email address as a contact point (or simply suggest they private message you), and then you can take it forward from there.

7. With the above guidelines in mind, questions and discussions about items listed or being sought are also welcome here. Have fun! :biggrin2:
Not open for further replies.

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