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Playing with your Octopus!

bigred1970;98159 said:
lol, well the only way I could see the chance of house pet consumption is if you are keeping a GPO and have a overly curious Chihuahua.

Heh, I would love to see that
I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I hate small yappy dogs
Thanks for the link! Monterey, it seems, has now kept a young great white shark not only once but twice! The first in 2005! Albeit, they were young sharks and freed before becoming adults but their tags showed that both lived after release.

I thought it was too easy to fall behind in IT but it seems almost everything changes faster than I can keep up any more.
Actually, we should stay on topic in the Ceph Care forums. They are for Ceph Care information and a lot of our members are reading for that purpose only.

Many people go back and read past threads looking for particular information, so lets keep to the subject. If you have a new and relevant topic, please start a new thread.