Pitter patter of 1200 little feet, bless !

Apr 8, 2004
Hi all, the big day has come & having nurtured them throught the winter months, today was the day for 300 odd green mantids to burst forth out of their egg case into the big wide world of my kitchen window.
I am SO struggling with "M" names so if anyone can help :cool2:



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Morton Maxamillion Mac Merideth Maryanne May Melody Marvin
Interestingly (or not...), only gelatinous blobs have posted on this thread... maybe I should start my own thread for my last 187 posts that I need to leave this gelatinous state...

Maria, Myron, Miles
You've soared way past me. A couple of days of not being home, reading a book cover to cover after I got home last night, and trying to get a new skein of yarn plied off today has really put me behind the curve.

Must post more.....
Must post more....
Must post more....:bonk:

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