Pictures of Roxy

Nice pics of Roxy. I can't tell how big she is (yes, I know they're almost impossible to measure).

Ollie has become quite large, with a mantle of over 7 inches long. I would guess from the pics that Roxy isn't quite that big. Am I right?

Nice octo!!! She's well cool mate.

Call me daft, but I wasnt quite sure what was goin on in the first pic, was she just wrapping herself round the in-flow pipe?
Yeah, measuring an octo is nearly impossible but when she's inflated, her mantle is about the size of a big lemon but can stretch to 5+ inches when she does the pointy mantle thing. I've seen her arms stretch to about 14 inches or so. If it helps, the tube she is holding on to is about 1/2 inch in dia. I'll try to get some size comparison pics sometime soon. Thanks for the comments, John

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